ProfLogo GreenBetterKNX UK Professionals is a club for UK registered KNX Partners or interested individuals.  Its overall aim is to help to ensure the continued take up of KNX within more and more of the UK's residential and commercial premises.  It will provide a forum for members to share experiences and exchange information about KNX technology. 

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Please contact KNX UK on 0845 869 5908 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sharing KNX Experiences

The sharing of experiences and KNX expertise will be via an on-line forum/chat room as well as through face-to-face events, networking and formal meetings with other KNX UK Professionals who are members of the club.

KNX manufacturers, the international KNX Association and the KNX UK Board will populate the forum with information about new products, initiatives, events and much more.  Information and feedback from the networking events will be fed back to the KNX UK Board to help them continue to promote the technology as effectively as possible.

Joining The KNX UK Professionals


KNX UK Professionals will be a "Members Only" organisation for which an annual subscription will be payable. 

The initial joining fee and membership has been set at £150 per annum.

UK KNX Partners registered with Brussels are automatically eligible for membership and we would be pleased to hear from any other interested parties with a specific interest in KNX in the UK.  All fully paid up member companies of the KNX UK Association will be invited to participate free of charge.


 We are currently offering FREE ETS5 Lite (worth €200) or ETS Inside license (dongle+shipping to be paid for either license) and a KNX Goodie Bag from Manufacturers for new members who join the KNX UK Association (subject to availability) Please use "KNXUKPB" as the voucher code in the application form so that the offer can be applied


Benefits of Membership of the KNX UK Professionals

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The main benefit to you of membership will be access to a significant amount of information and expertise - all for your annual subscription fee.

You will be eligible to display the KNX UK Professionals membership logo on your individual advertisements such as your personal business card, own social media etc It is not intended for your general business use.

You will also receive, free of charge, the international KNX Journal (if you do not already) and copies of the KNX UK e-newsletters.

In addition, should you wish to upgrade to full membership of the KNX UK Association you will be able to do so at a preferential rate, opening the door to many other privileges too.

The Next Step

If you have any other questions, please contact KNX UK on 0845 869 5908 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download KNX_UK_Professionals_Application_Form.pdf

Or complete the application form online as a KNX UK Professional Member now


KNX UK Professional Testimonial

Andrew Ward from London-based integration firm, Sound & Vision UK Ltd, joined as a KNX UK Professional in September 2015. Here’s what he had to say about his experience: 

As a small company in the KNX integration business, it’s important that we can talk with like-minded companies, as well as with manufacturers, about the best products and solutions available for particular applications. You just can’t tap into this kind of real-world experience and knowledge on Google. 

It was access to the KNX UK community that persuaded me to take a KNX UK Professional membership and I’ve never looked back. 

The KNX UK networking events provide a fantastic opportunity to meet people and find out the answers and 

information I need. When I know an event is coming up, I’m able to bring along rehearsed questions and get real value from the response. 

As an example, I was working on a project with a type of cooling that I’d never controlled before. At the KNX UK Networking event, I chatted to someone from Siemens and not only found the right KNX product for that application but also got the reassurance that I could tackle something that was new to me. Meantime, other integrators are really useful to talk with about project management issues, especially on the bigger jobs. 

Through networking with other KNX integrators you get the sense of being part of a wider community.

It’s also a very open and welcoming community. I’d recommend everyone working with KNX gets involved as a KNX UK Professional. Don’t Google it – KNX UK Professional it!