Pegaso Images37One of the most important factors with building control and automation is knowing that support is always to hand and that the system will not be obsolete in a couple of years time. With KNX this is guaranteed as there are approved and trained companies all around the world offering support at all levels for projects small and large, from a small house to an international airport.

With over 400 manufacturers supplying KNX products that carry the all important KNX stamp, forwards and backwards compatibility is also guaranteed so you can specify KNX solutions with the knowledge that you are dealing with a world-wide network involving some of the largest industrial companies.

Within the UK there is a well established KNX community centred around the KNX UK Association offering products and services covering all market sectors and locations around the country. Please visit our Find a Member section to review a list of our System Integrators, Manufacturers and other parties.

Our Case Study area will illustrate the quality of some of our members completed projects within the various market sectors and hopefully give you the confidence to specify the KNX standard.

On the subject of standard, please be aware that KNX is now an international accredited standard as follows:

EN 50090 for HBES, EN 13321-1 for BACS,

EN 13321-2 for KNXnet/IP

ISO/IEC 14543-3 for HES

ISO/IEC 14543-3