Terminal 5Control systems are a vital part of the modern building or home. They are a highly cost-effective way of preserving energy and provide added value for the developer and an enhanced experience for the building users. They are also required by recent legislation, such as the building regulations Part L. Many of these requirements can now be met using the KNX Standard.


Another key advantage for the developer of choosing KNX is the peace of mind which is often not available with proprietary control solutions.


Choose a proprietary protocol from a single manufacturer or integrator and you are beholden to that company and its technology. Being tied into this arrangement can be problematic during the life cycle of your development.

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Choose KNX and you will always have a wide choice of certified KNX integrators to provide these services. In a fast moving market place, this gives you the confidence that your system has a long term successful future to continue to deliver to your changing demands. All KNX products are forwards and backwards compatible. This means replacement products will always be available in the future.


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