Practicle Example 1 LightingKNX is well suited to lighting control applications and is fully scalable so that it can be used on  small and very large projects.  pdfDownload Lighting PDF


With a well-designed KNX lighting control solution used instead of  conventional control, up to 60% of the energy that would normally be consumed could be saved. 


  • Presence control with daylight linked dimming using the KNX / DALI solution would generally offer the best overall savings. 
  • KNX lighting control schemes can control many different forms of luminaires. 
  • Architectural along with general functional lighting can be controlled using the same system as there are many field KNX devices to complement the system. 
  • KNX has products to support all form of lighting control including DALI,  DSI, Analogue 1-10V, LED Dimming, Universal phase cut dimming, Switch actuator control and  DMX interface. 
  • Most products are DIN rail mountable, allowing a system to be provided with components needed for any project. 
  • Touch screens, scene set push button, presence detectors and remote control devices can all be provided by the KNX system. 
  • Off-the-shelf gateways are available to many AV systems including Crestron and AMX for seamless integration into third party systems. 
  • Within the KNX product basket there is a KNX wireless solution that can be used with the normal bus connected devices or as a standalone system. 
  • There  is a range of KNX products, headend visualisation options and touch screens that could be incorporated within a system. 
  • There is also a tried and tested OPC KNX solution that could be used to connect a KNX network to a common SCADA system or Building Management System.