The application of KNX intelligent building technology provides many advantages for owners, managers, occupiers and other interested parties.  Find out how in this brochure.

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KNX technology is helping bring advanced lighting controls to Heathrow’s T5.

The fully automated system guides passengers and complies with Building Regulation Part L requirements for energy efficiency. DALI and KNX open protocols have been successfully integrated and KNX’s open platform technology has also allowed incorporation into T5’s building management system.

After careful consideration of all the lighting control systems available, the British Library opted for a KNX based lighting control system to replace its existing system. The simplicity of the KNX installation and lack of disruption during installation were pivotal to the specification. Using KNX, many additional functions were provided including the use of DALI lighting controls.

The lighting within Oxford's Ashmolean Museum is being controlled by KNX intelligent building technology. This offers energy savings, flexibility for future changes with the powerful graphical head end display showing the real time status of all lighting throughout the museum

Innovative KNX/DALI colour change functionality as well as an emergency lighting test system are key elements of the O2 Dublin installation. The use of KNX technology also helps to underline the venue as an energy-conscious, sustainable venue

KNX intelligent building controls for heating, air-conditioning, lighting, blinds and other aspects of the daily living environment provide a fully integrated solution for the owners of this luxurious self-build property.

To help dementia sufferers live in their own home, a flat has been converted into a ‘Smart Home’ using KNX technology. It monitors the occupants’ activities and provides warnings of potential problems. The system includes sensors to tell when doors are left open, wireless light switches, motion detectors, speakers and a voice messaging system.

A beautifully crafted renovated farmhouse, reminiscent of centuries past, has been transformed with KNX technology into a 21st century intelligent, energy conscious home. This includes complete control of underfloor heating and lighting.