In the residential sector, the application of KNX home automation technology provides lifestyle and energy saving benefits as highlighted in this brochure.

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Intelligent Home Benefits from KNX Technology

A KNX intelligent home control system in a new property uses a simple cabling system fitted throughout the house to monitor and operate all the individual electrical fittings. It also allows the owners to expand functionality at a later date.

KNX Features:

  • Extremely robust system and any of the home’s electrical features can be connected and controlled.
  • The system’s flexible, modular characteristics and future-proofing was an important consideration.
  • The combination of KNX technology and the energy saving characteristics of the house means that a minimum 30 per cent reduction in energy consumption is expected.

Integrated Home Automation Solution
A complete home automation system at a private house has used KNX to control lighting, blinds, curtains, heating and hot water. Integration ensures that the KNX system works seamlessly with the property’s AV and security systems.

KNX Features:

  • The lighting scheme incorporates scene setting used in all rooms. Wall switches incorporate temperature sensing and adjustment.
  • Multi-room audio and visual system allows music and DVDs stored on a server to be played in any room.
  • The processor controlling the AV system is controlled by mobile tablet PCs giving the owners easy access to all aspects of the home controls.
  • Security is handled by an alarm and automation system which is integrated into both KNX and the property’s gate and door entry system.

Farmhouse Renovation with Energy Conservation
An extensive building renovation project at a farmhouse has brought major energy saving benefits. The building services have been fully modernised using KNX.

KNX Features:

  • Complete control of 16 underfloor heating zones, with individual KNX room thermostats.
  • Touch panel can alter set temperatures and heating modes centrally.
  • Domestic hot water loop can be closed off to specified areas, saving energy.
  • 52 lighting circuits are controlled by KNX including dimming and scene setting.
  • A user friendly touch panel in the kitchen provides a facility for conveniently controlling and monitoring the installation.
  • Includes an 8 zone multi-room AV system, a 7-1 surround sound home cinema, a whole house TV distribution system and data network system.

Lifestyle Benefits First at New Family Home

At a stunning new house, KNX intelligent building control technology underpins the lighting, heating and life-style schemes of the owners. The installation is managed with a BMS software programme designed for the KNX Open protocol control system.

KNX Features:

  • Control of the heating, lighting and sound systems including unlimited dimming and switched lighting circuits for scene/mood lighting.
  • Under-floor heating and KNX thermostat control
  • External temperature sensors for heating to respond to weather and temperature.
  • Intelligent control is provided over lighting, heating, TV/DVD, home cinema, multi-room audio, CCTV, curtains, blinds and sauna/steam room.

KNX is the foundation for all applications within home automation

Lighting Control

  • Central lighting controlled in the house and garden.
  • Choice of different lighting scenarios or individual dimming available.

Blind and Shutter Control

  • Control of blinds and shutters with regards to wind, brightness and rain.
  • Put the control of blinds and shutters on a time schedule.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Control

  • Automatic and customised heating control according to room usage.
  • Windows will be opened according to requirements.
  • The ventilation system reacts to the presence of people in the room.

The Standard

Audio/Video Control

  • Remote control of music from everywhere within the house.
  • Remote control for every single room

Operation and Visualisation

  • Presentation and operation of all systems in the house via a wall mounted display.
  • Easy visualisation and integration of audio- systems and monitoring cameras.

Security and Safety

  • Reporting of open or broken windows and doors, burglary, smoke emission etc.
  • Camera monitoring of the entrance.
  • Deterrence of potential break-ins by switching on the entire home lighting system (panic mode).
  • Simulation of an occupied home through control of lighting and blinds set on a timer.

The KNX Standard was created by the KNX Association and is the world’s only standard for home and building control.