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Smart Home Expo Partnership

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KNX UK Event - KNX UK Award Winners 2018

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  The 2018 AGM of the UK KNX Assoc...

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Full Range of Blind Control Services from KNX UK


Facades pic 1Automated shading and window blind control is a key part of the intelligent building today.  Automated window shading systems deliver a wider range of benefits than just simply privacy and screening, at the touch of a button.  Effectively controlled blinds can significantly reduce the amount of solar gain entering a building, reducing the need for additional cooling loads.

They can be used to manage the amount of natural light entering a building reducing the need for artificial lighting.  This in turn can enhance the quality of the indoor environment by controlling the amount of sunlight and glare entering a space, improving visual and thermal comfort levels for building occupants.  They are also wholly relevant to the demands of Part L2.

Effectively managing solar gain and daylight control not only requires the specification of a shading system with a high performance fabric that is able to provide daylight penetration, control of heat gain, while preserving exterior views, but also a well-engineered control system that can be fully integrated with other building control systems such as lighting and BMS.

The design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of window blind control systems should enable clients to reduce energy consumption by providing a system that is able to accurately determine the sun's position in the sky, brightness and time of day.  It is vital to position blinds and shades according to changing weather patterns, taking account of sun, wind, rain and internal temperatures, but also adapting to building occupancy and the often conflicting needs of occupants.


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