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Smart Home Expo Partnership

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KNX UK Event - KNX UK Award Winners 2018

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  The 2018 AGM of the UK KNX Assoc...

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Full Range of Clean Technology Services from KNX UK


VentilatorClean technology from KNX is an open protocol standard recognised around the world for energy saving within buildings.  This clean technology when used as part of a building control solution will reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy bills and support your business approach to CRCEES (Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme), if you fall within the defined criteria.  KNX can be used in many ways to save energy within buildings, offering excellent paybacks on investment.


KNX is truly a clean technology and this starts with the product manufacturing process.  Many of the major international manufacturing companies have very good green credentials with a number of companies having received the Blue Angel Award for their environmental approach to manufacturing.  The robustness and reliability of KNX ensures a long life cycle of saving energy which can be measured and benchmarked.  All of which are key factors when it comes to the provision of clean technology within a building.


KNX can be designed into an electrical installation in place of more conventiional controls, saving up to 30% of the wiring.  This saving will result in less wastage from the site, promoting a more efficient installation phase.  As many control applications can be connected to the one bus network i.e. lighting control, clean technology, zoned heating control and metering, further savings can be made by reducing the number of separate systems needed on a project.  In summary, clean technology must be good for the environment and make a compelling business case.  KNX offers both across all market sectors and is fully scalable, from small to  major infrastructure projects.


 Blind Control - Clean Technology - Energy Metering - Environmental Control - Lighting Control