Full Range of Energy Metering Services from KNX UK


Energy Metering 2With the rising cost of energy, the need for commercial viability is higher than ever before.  The general approach of simply viewing and paying annual or quarterly energy bills is no longer sufficient.  Furthermore, developments such as the CRCEES carbon reduction commitment are putting pressure on organisations to keep closer control over energy consumption.  However, it cannot be effectively controlled if it is not accurately measured.


KNX energy metering allows consumers to measure and view energy consumption in real time and make formal choices regarding its most efficient use.  KNX technology provides detailed information, not only for electricity, but also for heat, water oil and gas.


Products are now available in the field of energy metering and visualisation, providing end users, specifiers and integrators with a wide choice of options.



  • Provides real time understanding of how and where energy is being consumed.
  • The consumption of different types of energy in buildings can be assessed.
  • With the KNX Open Standard, the consumption of each KNX unit connected to the system can be monitored.
  • Power intensive equipment can be disconnected at peak times.
  • Users can take advantage of cheaper tariffs and react to tariff changes.
  • Remote monitoring using IP protocol.
  • Forms part of a fully integrated KNX intelligent building solution.


All this can be achieved with KNX energy metering and there is a growing range of products now available from many different manufacturers, which can be integrated with all other KNX products using the KNX Open Standard.


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