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KNX UK AGM & Awards 2019

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Full Range of Environmental Control Services from KNX UK


Environment Night SkyKNX environmental control allows you to keep control of energy usage in buildings and is a key contributing factor in protecting the environment.  Controls using KNX can facilitate this control.  They can provide a comfortable working environment for building occupants, enhancing productivity, ensuring compliance with current energy legislation and contributing significantly to reducing energy usage leading to a smaller carbon footprint.


Open communication between building systems facilitates straight forward and secure integration of third part systems at all levels.  The standardisation and independent communication that KNX provides ensures development and exchange of information between systems across the automation and field levels within the building automation topology.


KNX delivers environmental control, all equipment required for independent control and monitoring of building services plants as well as recording data.  This covers the whole spectrum from individual room controllers up to integrated control systems.  You can also link the lighting control, solar protection and any special plants to the 'traditional' HVAC control.


The versatility of the KNX protocol provides a flexible approach to room control and HVAC, whilst allowing easy integration to third party systems through a number of gateways available to automation platforms such as BACNET.


Installer Benefits:

  • Meeting subsequent customer desires.
  • Extends standard functions thanks to the integration of KNX components.
  • Eliminates costly bus engineering.
  • Tested solutions.
  • Fast commissioning.


Client Benefits:

  • Match investments to actual needs.
  • Lower energy costs.
  • 'One' system approach.
  • Optimum climatic conditions.
  • Increased level of comfort.
  • Maintenance cost reduced.


Blind Control - Clean Technology - Energy Metering - Environmental Control - Light Control