WAGO Limited

    WAGO is a family-owned company that operates on a worldwide scale providing customers with products incorporating the innovative WAGO CAGE CLAMP® connection system.

    The WAGO KNX controller is freely programmable and can be used in conjunction with any of the modules from the WAGO I/O range including: digital/analogue inputs/outputs, BACnet, MBus, LON, DALI, SMI, Enocean and Modbus RS232/485 interfaces. This flexibility enables full building control of multiple systems and services including lighting, HVAC, blinds and energy monitoring. This gives full integration to the BMS and access to cloud connectivity and analytical platforms.

    WAGO also offers a complete pre-fabricated modular wiring system for BUS and mains distribution, as well as a range of interconnection products, such as the WINSTA connection range for the construction market,  and products including rail and PCB terminals.

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